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    Sidamo is located in southern Ethiopia, and encompasses many individual origins, including the well-known coffee producing origin area of Yirgacheffe.  Sidamo is situated in the famous Great Rift Valley that runs through Ethiopia and Kenya. The high altitudes at which this coffee is grown give the bean a naturally high density and contribute to its unique flavour notes of spice, wine and chocolate notes, and provides the bright, crisp, lemon citrus acidity.

    Many different farmers and pickers, each with a very small patch of land, often with their own unique varietals will pool their coffees resulting in a blend that is a unique expression of the complexity of the horticulture in the surrounding area.

    Tasting Notes:  Lemon, Honey, Roasted Hazelnuts

    This coffee is best suited for: French press, Aeropress, Pour-over Filter 

    Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
    Processing Method: Washed
    Growing Altitude: 1400m - 2200m

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