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    Introducing our latest featured coffee, hailing from the Mitondo Coffee Factory in the picturesque highlands of Kenya. In this remarkable region, coffee beans thrive in the nutrient-rich red soil at elevations exceeding 1400 meters. What truly sets this coffee apart is its distinctive processing method. Following depulping, the beans undergo a unique submersion fermentation lasting 15-24 hours. They are then meticulously washed three times before being carefully spread out on metal drying tables, where they bask in the sun for 6-7 days. This meticulous "fully washed" process culminates in the creation of a remarkably pristine and lively coffee.

    Prepare to delight in tasting notes that dance on your palate, with hints of succulent strawberries, rich fresh cream, and the delicate touch of buttery shortbread. This exquisite offering is tailored for our connoisseurs of black coffee. It also serves as the perfect companion for those who savor a pour-over brew or a refreshing iced V60.

    Tasting Notes:  Strawberry, Fresh Cream, Shortbread

    Varietal: Ruiru 11,SL28, Batian
    Processing Method: Washed
    Altitude: 1400m - 1600m

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