Is fresh coffee best?

In short, the ideal consumption time is between 7 to 21 days from roast date. Coffee outside of these parameters aren’t going to be bad but they will not be at its best. The reason behind this is when you turn coffee from green to brown you create carbon dioxide as a by-product, the carbon dioxide will seep out of the porous coffee bean over time, also known as resting the coffee. Brewing with coffee that is too fresh will add bitterness and sharpness to the coffee. On the other side of the spectrum coffee more than three to four weeks old will have lacklustre or dull taste. To ensure a delicious cup we recommend buying the right amount of coffee for the consumption in your household and buy beans on the fresher side of the 7-21 days. The FELLOW Atmos Vacuum Canister 1.2L is also a great way to preserve the coffee at it’s ideal as it significantly slows the aging process.