Pre-Used Mazzer Robur Automatic


Fully Serviced, cleaned and lubricated.

In good working order. Ready to use.

Standard wear visible, but in still in good cosmetic condition.

Colour: Silver

Inspections available on request. Serial No: 1248447

Sold with a 30 day warranty


Please note: Image is correct model, but not of actual product


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Manufactured by the industry’s best, the Mazzer Robur Automatic coffee grinder is a quality commercial grinder for high-consumption use.

It’s an on-demand coffee grinder which uses conical grinding blades and an automatic start function.

The grinder’s automatic grinding cycle starts every 12 doses, and automatically grinds the coffee until the dosing chamber is full holding up to 360g of ground coffee. Then with the use of the dosing paddle fill the group basket when needed. The grinder not only offers stepless micrometrical grinding adjustments, but also the ability to adjust the dosing amount from 5.5-8g for each time the paddled is pulled.

The Mazzer Robur Automatic’s hopper can hold up to 1.8kg of coffee and also comes with a stainless steel grinds tray, double-ended tamper and tamping/group handle stand.

For further specifications please visit the Mazzer website.