$23.40/ 450g

Flavor Notes: Citrus, Black Tea, Red Berries

Variety: Blend

Roast Level: Medium

Recommended for: Filter or Espresso

Grind Size * 


Mocha Java Coffee Blend is our lively and bright house blend in Bellissimo. It won as 2017 champion award winner for best milk-based espresso coffee. Combining the Ethiopian coffee and Indonesian coffee makes a great coffee blend. It has flavor notes of bright citrus, light black tea and red berries. Also, the coffee has an intense floral aroma. In addition, it offers magnificent flavour for your filter coffee, and pours sweet and juicy as espresso.

Caveat: Rather than featuring the sweet familiar chocolate taste of a “mocha latte”, Mocha Java is actually a traditional blend inspired by the name of the port city of “Mocha” in Yemen, and the Indonesian “Java”.

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