Mazzer Dual Tamper + Tamping Stand


Bellissimo Coffee now offers Mazzer Tamper and Hanging Stand combo!

Mazzer Dual Temper features:

Diameter: 53mm/58mm

Finish: Aluminum (It resists damage caused by naturally occuring acids from coffee)




Mazzer tamper and hanging stand makes a great combination for multiple sized group baskets and group heads. Due to stainless steel tamping stand, it helps not to ruin your bench top.

One end has a diamter of 53mm flat while the other end 58mm in diameter. This makes it a great option for multiple sized group basket and group heads.

The dual end coffee tamper from Mazzer helps you achieve great results. Even more, it suits most coffee machines.

Other Mazzer tampers are also available in Mazzer site. You can also check the espro calibrated tamper offered in our online coffee store.