Mazzer Mini Electronic


Mazzer Mini Electronic B

Commercial coffee grinder for low consumption.

Ideal as a secondary decaf or single origin grinder in the cafe, or for use in the home/office.

Slick Chrome colour


  • Double ended hand tamper
  • Tamp stand
  • Stainless steel grinds tray



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Similar to its big brother the Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic, the Mazzer Mini Electronic is an on-demand coffee grinder with electronic dose adjustment and the option to program for single or double doses.

The Mazzer Mini also allows for stepless micro grinding adjustments, meaning that getting the right grind size is easy without large amounts of waste.

Its 600g hopper makes it great as a secondary decaf or single origin grinder for any cafe. Or if you’re after a high quality, reliable grinder for the office or home, then as a low-consumption grinder, this is it!

Ideal for the serious home and office baristas!

The Mini Mazzer Electronic B-type has an added group handle holder too. Just push the handle to the back of the prongs to activate the dosing button, rest the handle on the holder under the chute and let the fresh grinds pour!

The Mazzer Mini Electronic may be small but inside are powerful 64mm flat steel burrs/blades, similar to the ones used inside the full-sized Mazzer Super Jolly’s.

The grinder also comes with a stainless steel grounds tray to catch any mess, as well as a Mazzer doubled-ended tamper and tamping stand.

To find our more specifications about the Mazzer Mini Electronic B please visit the Mazzer website.