Hario V60 Paper Filters – 100pk.


Hario V60 Paper Filter Sleeves

100 bleached filter papers.

Suitable for 2-cup V60 brewers.

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The Hario V60 paper filters are for use with your V60 or any other pour-over coffee drippers.

The bleached white paper filters help ensure that you extract the purest cup of coffee possible. They’re also single-use, disposable filters so no need for any messy clean up or knocking out used grinds. Get a fresh cup every time!

The paper filters have been designed for use with finely ground coffee to get the best possible extraction and aroma.

Before brewing we suggest placing the filter in the V60 Dripper and wetting it with hot water to prepare it for brewing whilst also warming the V60 cone and cup.

The Hario V60 Paper Filters are also available packaged with the V60 Dripper here.