Grindenstein knock box


Big coffee knock box

Dreamfarm’s new and improved bigger size!

Nearly twice the bang for your buck compared to the original.

A no-mess solution for your used coffee grinds.

Colour: Black

Height: 125mm


Grindenstein knock box is a must for coffee making starter kit. Dreamfarm has big Grindenstein compact coffee knock box. Designed to be super strong and sturdy, knock box bangs out your coffee grinds. Even more, it tucks away on the drip of your machine so you can save space. It’s a no-mess solution for dumping coffee grinds and a great size for sitting on your counter top. Grindenstein is perfectly crafted with steel making it impossible to break. Its thick and durable rubber sleeve protects group handle. Also, shock-absorbing technology helps you thump coffe grinds quietly.

Knock box is a top rack dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

You can check Grindenstein’s booklet of recycling coffee grounds.