Espro Coffee Tamper


The perfect tamp, every time!

58mm, flat base.


30lb factory calibrated.


The Espro Calibrated Tamper is a Canadian designed and manufactured tamper you can count on!

58mm, flat base, black.

The tamper has been factory calibrated to deliver 30 pounds of pressure with every ‘click’ giving you a perfect tamp every time.

By using the Espro tamper it eliminates any variations in tamping pressures by producing a consistent tamp; a process that removes a major variable out of creating the perfect espresso.

Designed perfectly for the hand, weighing 1 pound, with a stainless steel base and aluminium handle. Identically sized and balanced to a standard tamper.

The Espro calibrated tamper is solid, durable, built to last and fun to use! You won’t be disappointed.