Coffee Tamper – 58mm


Perfect for your everyday barista!

Professionally weighted stainless steel coffee tamper.

Flat base, 58mm

Color available: Silver.


Coffee tamper 58mm gets the job done easier for you! The tamper belongs among the “Pro Tamp” series of Clean Machine brand. Also, the tamper fits all commercial machines making it the standard espresso tamper.

Coffee tamper applies pressure to ground coffee. Otherwise, water from coffee machine will just run through the grinds.

  • Weighing 488 grams
  • With solid stainless steel flat base
  • Diameter: 58mm that fits most commercial group handles
  • Also, handle has polished body

Some of the most common machines using/requiring 58mm tamper are: La Marzocco, Conti, Nuova Simonelli, Expobar, Rancillio, Wega, Essika

For an ultimate professional tamper, we recommend the Espro tamper.