Biodegradable Coffee Pods


Each pack contains 10 coffee pods.

Made on the new Bellissimo Coffee Kinship Blend.

Compatible with George Clooney’s preferred coffee pod machine.


Biodegradable coffee pods that are bio sourced and biodegradable are used in coffee machines. Australia freshly packs these capsules made from Bellissimo Coffee Kinship Blend. Because of these coffee pods, you can now start to enjoy your coffee experience either at home or at the office. Every capsule produces unique and tasteful flavors.  You can either enjoy your coffee then with milk or without milk.

Ristretto, Espresso,  Lungo, Decaffeinated or Flavored are five coffee variations you can enjoy. Also, each pack contains 10 pieces of coffee pods to try on your espresso. Biodegradable coffee pods are even ideal for gifts.

You can check the guide for more details about the different types of coffee capsules.