Coffee Cleaning Tools

Variety of tools for home, cafe and commercial use.

  1. Coffee Grinder Brush: $19.80
  2. Milk Thermometer: $13.00
  3. Mini Measure Shot Glass: $4.25
  4. Group Head Cleaning Brush: $6.95
  5. Steam Wand Multi Brush Set: $17.00


Coffee Cleaning Tools & Accessories:

1 – The Pallo GrindMinder coffee grinder brush is one of the great (and highly recommended) coffee cleaning tools. The double ended brush is one half grinder brush, one half counter brush. Therefore, brush grinds from the grinder then sweep off the counter! It’s got a long enough reach to clean those hard-to-get nooks, and a low enough head to fit under most machines. A clean barista’s best friend!

2 – The Chef Inox Dual Pocket Milk Thermometer is made from stainless steel and will help you get the perfect milk temperature every time. The milk thermometer’s easy-to-read dial is 32mm wide and magnified with dual Celsius/Fahrenheit display and a temp range of -10°C to 100°C. The milk thermometer is 140mm in length and can clip to the side of your milk jug while you’re frothing. Even more, it’s easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth and placing back in case. Once a milk warms at 65°C, it is ready for a perfect cup of coffee.

3 – Mini Measure; the barista’s shot glass! With incremental measures in mls, fluid oz and teaspoons you’ll certainly catch great shots with every extraction! The mini measure shot glass is a great training tool for accurate shots; two glasses can fit side-by-side under a double spout group head and catch up to 30ml of coffee. Highly recommended for your barista kit.

4 – The Cafessi Group Head Cleaning Brush is a tool that should be used daily to clean and remove coffee grinds from the coffee machines group head, seal and shower screen. It’s a sturdy tool with tracks to avoid any hot water running down the handle while cleaning. It may be a small tool but it’s an effective one! It’s necessary to keep the machine running properly and makes a great taste of coffee.

5 – Another great Cafessi product, the Steam Wand Milk Frother Multi Brush Set is a great tool to maintain the cleanliness and operation of your coffee machine’s steam wand. The set includes 3 brushes, and a t-shape steam tip cleaner.

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