Cafetto EVO


1kg container, with scoop.

The original organic espresso machine cleaner

Not for use on automatic machines


The Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner was the first espresso machine cleaner to be certified by any organic certification body.

It’s a safe, high performance, commercial machine cleaner perfect for use with professional coffee machines as part of their daily cleaning.

All EVO’s ingredients are rapidly biodegradable, completely soluble and leave no trace of odour.

Please note EVO should not be used to clean automatic espresso machines.

It’s the result of heavy research into the requirements of organic processes meets espresso machine cleaning and maintenance. This triumph led to EVO being listed in Organic Materials Review Institute’s (OMRI) compliance list for the USDA National Organic Program. It’s also been formulated to be meet the requirements of the Australian Organic Standard, and is registered by Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) as an allowed input suitable for use in organic systems.