AeroPress + Hand Grinder


They’re made for each other!

AreoPress Coffee Maker


Compact Hand Grinder

Combo deal with all included accessories.


AeroPress plus hand grinder combo.

We often recommend that if you’re purchasing the AeroPress Coffee Maker then the Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder is probably a good pick too!

The AeroPress makes up to 4 cups/2 mugs of coffee and whether you’re planning for a long black, espresso or latte the AeroPress is bound to give you the smoothest, richest, purest and fastest cups of coffee you’ve ever made!  The total immersion inversion method ensures an even extraction, only takes 1 minute from go to cup, and with the micro filters you’re ensured to make a grind/grit free, full flavoured coffee!

Not only are you getting everyone’s favourite and fun to use coffee maker, but also included is the made-for-AeroPress hand grinder too.

The compact hand grinder is made from quality conical ceramic burrs and allows you to adjust the grind settings to the perfect size! The grinder also comes with AeroPress adaptor so you can grind straight into your AeroPress coffee maker. Not only that, it neatly stashes away inside it too for when your done! Great for on-the-go use! The grinders adjustable grind settings also allow you to get the perfect grind for all brewing methods, not just AeroPress!

All boxed accessories included.

The AeroPress plus hand grinder is great as a gift for the coffee enthusiast!